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Your Feedback is Music to Our Ears

SureCo and UHSM have teamed up to learn more about how we have best served our clients and members. Your positive feedback is important to us and by submitting your video you will receive brand new wireless headphones (limited to the first 50 valid submissions). Please carefully read the Mandatory Requirements below to make sure you submit your video correctly in order to earn your Member Gift.

What to do:

Please record yourself answering and providing feedback to the three questions below.

Video Prompt Questions:

  • Why did you join UHSM Health Sharing?
  • How has UHSM health sharing helped you?
  • How was your experience with your SureCo Agent?

Mandatory Requirements:

  • Videos must incorporate a minimum of three of the seven questions in order to be eligible for the prize listed.
  • Only the first 50 submissions will be eligible for the prize listed.
  • By uploading your video below, you agree to the following video release guidelines which include the use of video content on SureCo and UHSM social media and website channels.
When speaking about UHSM:
  • Use the term health insurance.
  • Use any slander, profanity, inappropriate or offensive language.
  • Use the term health sharing.
  • Give positive feedback about your experience.
When speaking about SureCo:
  • Name yourself as a SureCo member.
  • Use any slander, profanity, inappropriate or offensive language.
  • Name yourself as a SureCO Client.
  • Give positive feedback about your experience.

Violation of any of the requirements will result in ineligibility to receive the prize listed. Please read the rest of our terms and conditions here.

Copyright © 2018 – 2021 Unite Health Share Ministries™. UHSM™ All rights reserved. UHSM is NOT an insurance company nor is the membership offered through an insurance company. United Faith Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, dba “Unite Health Share Ministries” or “UHSM”, that facilitates member-to-member sharing of medical bills. UHSM is not a discount card or program. UHSM health sharing programs are not insurance and there is no guarantee that eligible medical bills will be shared or otherwise paid.